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Data Porting, Data Mining And Migration

Data migration required because of an increasing regulatory requirements, new business process, operational needs, system mergers/acquisitions or upgrades. Whatever the reason this complex process can be daunting and costly without expert support.

At TechZed Solutions, we provide you our comprehensive Data Mining solutions that transform your data into information that your business can use to drive revenue, cut costs and increase your competitive advantage. Our solutions manage the complete process of effective data mining from addressing data quality issues to integrating data from multiple sources to determine key relationships and patterns that can impact your business today and in the future. Our data mining solutions can support the most complex models including clusters, segmentation, association, classes, sequential patterns, decision trees, random forests, neural nets and principal component analysis.

This involves bringing data across different platforms or different software. It usually requires data to be in ASCII text file format, with delimiters or in spreadsheet columns. Master files such as item master, customer, supplier, and chart of accounts are portable. Transaction files are different between systems and are not ported because of the huge effort involved in development and verification. One-to-one correspondence simplifies the process as there is no need for conversion. Most conversions require custom programming and may not be cost effective. After the data are ported, it is the users' responsibility to verify for completeness and accuracy.

We are having expert of database services and they are using cutting edge technologies and methods.
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