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Document Intelligence

A recent survey established the total cost construction, production, distribution, storage and retreival of the complete portfolio of documents used by any given business ranges between 6 to 15 full percentage points of revenue depending on the nature and structure of the enterprise. Distributed businesses are liable to see the figure increase whilst other specific operational costs decrease. Documents are a critical resource and for many senior executives are a seious blindspot in their knowledge.

The 21st century document is evolving

Soon every document will need to be intelligent, it will have to change from a two dimensional communication to a three dimensional informaton carrier that can be read by the human eye and the intelligence that has been utilised in its construction will need to be machine readable.

Documents will take on a whole new meaning and provide functions most people have not even dreamed of, transactions will take on whole new meaning. The technology to make documents intelligent is available now and most businesses already possess it.

TechZed Efficient and Effective Organizing!

Using our highly technologically advanced software, An Organization can now organize and bank all documents into one web based secure location, while saving money on paper and storage.

Document Intelligence is fantastically easy to use, and offers varied levels of security determined by the document owners and administrators. Documents can be found quickly and easily using an interactive search feature.

Build paperless meetings and instantaneously expedite departmental schedules. Centralized storage of documents makes backing up valuable information a snap.

With Document Intelligence, you will never lose important paperwork again!

Key Features:

  • Secure bank of documents
  • File managerMultiple levels of accessibility
  • Search
  • Scheduling
  • Document routing
  • File managerDocument sharing
  • Document linking abilities
  • Extremely user friendly
  • Completely web based

Key Benefits:

  1. Paper and filing costs are greatly reduced
  2. Information loss is eliminated
  3. Accessible by any computer connected to the Internet

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