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Image Processing

Utilizing our most modern software and professionals, we can provide you proven technology solutions in data and image processing services. Our experienced team of scanning and imaging experts provides services to support all your image processing projects that require quick data processing turnarounds and high quality deliverables. Image services offer Low/High Resolution Image Scanning and Uploading. We scan each image, and improve and optimize it to conform to 'international web standards. Our Data Processing services support the latest versions of imaging platforms and all the latest database and graphic formats.

Image Processing is considered to be one of the most rapidly evolving areas of information technology today, with growing applications in all areas of business. This technology holds the possibility of developing the ultimate machine in the future that would be able to perform the visual functions of human beings. It also forms a core area of research within the computer science and engineering

Applications market Broadly one can classify the applications areas into four categories:

Document and medical imaging
Computer vision & industrial applications
Remote sensing & space applications
Military applications

In particular, we describe the architecture of the workflow-based grid system and the processing flow. We also give out the algorithm classification and an example of remote-sensing image processing grid application..
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