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Integrated Reporting Platforms

Integrated and harmonized reporting platform across all the applications is a vital need for any business to better utilize the invaluable digital data captured in various systems and derive the maximum value of out of it to track, communicate, manage and predict the state of the business. Reports could be
  1. Bills/ statements that are mailed to customers
  2. Purchase Orders , invoices to your partners
  3. Financial or other legal compliance statements to statutory/regulatory boards about your business
  4. Status Reports by individual, teams etc.
  5. Business Performance reports
  6. System reconciliation reports

Time scheduled (Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly) state of business review reports and trend reports for executives

  1. System Usages / ROI reports
  2. Ad-hoc reports
  3. KPI
  4. Alerts
  5. BI reports

TechZed Engineer's are expert in working on such a high level reporting platforms.

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