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Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO)

Knowledge Process Outsourcing helps in off-loading non-core company functions to business partners who are specialists in the domain. By doing so and concentrating only on their core competencies, companies can significantly increase their business productivity, operational efficiencies and competitiveness by accessing a highly talented work force and effecting large cost savings. With the evolution of the BPO sector initially, only simpler business processes such as manufacturing, call center support and computer coding were outsourced to international partners. As these outsourcing partner companies expanded their abilities, knowledge and skills more complex as well as advanced functions in design and management also started being outsourced.

Though outsourcing has become a required business strategy, it is not freely available to small and medium sized international companies. Service providers and offerings are mainly focused on the Fortune 500 or large enterprises due to business risks, volume and opportunity. delivers the same outsourcing competitive advantage to small and medium businesses. Through our reliable service and flexible offerings, is committed to delivering high-quality work products and processes within specified time as well as budget requirements regardless of business size or volume. Our offerings are priced such that even the smallest of businesses can achieve a 100% cost savings by outsourcing the most basic tasks. provides services ranging from email support and software programming to managing complex projects from concept to delivery while ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

Techzed are some KPO services that can be outsourced to India

  • Research & Development
  • Business and Technical Analysis
  • Learning Solutions
  • Animation & Design
  • Business & Market Research
  • Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology
  • Medical Services
  • Writing & Content Development
  • Legal Services
  • Intellectual Property (IP) Research
  • Data Analytics
  • Network Management
  • Training & Consultancy
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