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Share Point Portal

The term "SharePoint" can collectively refer to a number of products ranging from the base platform to various services. The platform is Windows SharePoint Services (WSS), which is included with Windows Server and as a free download for registered servers. Services such as Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) provide additional functionality and features and are licensed accordingly.

SharePoint Portal Server includes the following features:

  1. News and topics
  2. My Site, with personal views and with public views
  3. Information that can be targeted to specific audiences
  4. Index functionality and search functionality across file shares, across Web servers, across Microsoft Exchange
  5. Public Folders, across Lotus Notes, and across Windows SharePoint Services 2.0 sites
  6. Alerts that notify you when changes are made to relevant information,documents, or programs
  7. Single sign-on functionality for enterprise application integration
  8. Integration with Microsoft BizTalk Server
Our software engineers are expert in developing share point portals.
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